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Pamoja Life enters partnership with wPOWER Hub

On 13th March 2017, Pamoja Life entered into a partnership on Women’s Entrepreneurship in Renewables with wPOWER Hub. Through this partnership we will be promoting the central role of women in clean energy entrepreneurship, addressing energy poverty and climate change... read more

Working with UK Aid to improve health

In Kenya, 68% of household energy comes from wood and charcoal, burnt on open fires and inefficient stoves. In urban areas kerosene is also used as a cooking fuel. These cause air pollution and contribute to climate change. We are working with ClimateCare and UK AID... read more

Delivering climate and social impacts for DFID

We are working with ClimateCare and DFID to deliver an innovative project that is making efficient cookstoves available to agricultural workers in Kenya. By subsidising the initial cost of a stove and creating a Revolving Fund we able to provide an interest free loan... read more

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